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Spy poisoning: Russia stockpiling nerve agent, says Johnson

The UK foreign secretary also dismisses claims the substance may have come from a UK laboratory.

Travel warnings as snow and ice hit UK

The spring snow is disrupting road, rail and air travel, with some sporting events cancelled.

Russia election: Vladimir Putin wins by big margin

He easily secures an expected fourth term as leader with no serious challenger in the race.

UK teacher wins global best teacher prize

The winning teacher warns of pupils' deprivation and calls for more support for the arts.

BBC news for Inverness-shire

Greenland lost buoy washed up on Sutherland beach

Used for gathering data near a massive glacier, the buoy had last transmitted information in 2015.

Smoke alarm rules to apply to all homes in Scotland

A change in the law will mean all properties will require a minimum number of alarms.

Offer made to buy operator of LifeScan Scotland

The ownership of LifeScan, Inc, which runs Inverness-based Lifescan Scotland, may transfer to an investment company.

Traces of banned pesticide found in field after dog dies

Police are urging dog walkers to stay away from an area of fields near Muir of Ord until further notice.